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by Andy Vogt
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Website update: here! I’ve started working on a new project, Eudaimonia. 
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Little Paper Planes is pleased to introduce our April 2014 artist, Phillip Maisel , and to offer10 exclusive prints of his work.

Phillip Maisel’s work asks you to question what you see, but never delivers a “gotcha” moment. Instead, his photographic series gently prompt questions about representation and abstraction, the photographed image and the photograph-as-object. This subtlety allows his work to hover between an optical, hypothetical 2D space and a fully embodied 3D reality. 

These prints are 8 x 10” and 11 x 14”  and are offered individually. They are printed with Epson Ultra Chrome archival inks on Hot Press Natural paper. These prints are full bleed with no border. Shown below is the actual image of the print as well as two detail shots. Each print is hand numbered, in an edition of 50, along with Phillip’s signature on the back of each print. Each print also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity printed on the back as well. This print is exclusive to Little Paper Planes.



Photograph of Mount Aso from “Ametsuchi” by Rinko Kawauchi, available at Spaces Corners, via Shift:

“I felt that I was standing on the planet for the first time.”
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